“The caterpillar’s journey from crawling to flying is similar to a child of God’s journey from the bondage of un-forgiveness to the liberty of forgiveness.”
As we begin the process of forgiveness, transformation takes place in our lives. Step by step, we experience the joy of walking in a level of freedom that we had never achieved before. We go through a process of metamorphosis, when we are transformed from who we once were – burdened with care, unforgiving and frustrated – to new creatures with new possibilities, endless potential and limitless joy.
Have you ever studied the process by which a caterpillar becomes a butterfly? A caterpillar begins its days crawling on the ground, limited in movements, yet building up strength through much eating. When it is fully grown, the caterpillar secretes a long stream of liquid from its glands. The liquid hardens, forming a silk like thread that it uses to attach its hind-end to a twig or leaf. It spins this silky thread around its body to form a cover.
Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar goes through drastic changes. It was born with the potential to fly but it was unrealized and undeveloped. Within the cocoon, it now begins to mature into what it was born to be. So too, human beings are in an in-between state when they choose not to obey God’s Word and forgive those who hurt them.
Until that hardened shell around the heart is removed with God’s help, we cannot live as Christ lived.